Matthew Jablonski

Compared to most digital illustrators' works, I've found that mine is quite left-field. Here are several questions I've been commonly asked.
Is it a painting?

No. I use a series of computer apps to create these images. I value and want to acknowledge the idea that I'm producing "original" artworks. Additionally, I set limited editions for many of my renditions.

Do I sell prints of my existing works?
Yes! Please send me an email, requesting information about any artwork you may want to purchase. I include a custom-made white mat, making it compliant for a standard-size frame for you, unless requested otherwise.
How long does it take and what motivates me?

Often, my reply is, "...tens of hours," which is accurate in most cases. In addition to normal ambitions, I transform my personal challenges and some pessimistic aspects toward society into my own form of visual elegence.

What was my inspiration?

I wish this one was asked more often because its history goes back nearly a century. Much of the answer can be found in my Senior Thesis, which I've redacted, here.

Do I do commissions?

YES! I welcome commissions and encourage you to show me any images you think might be potential projects for me. In response, I will write a brief reply, stating my own personal thoughts on its feasibility, cost, etc.

From experience, I've found that prototype images with clear subjects, heavy contrast and little blurriness tend to work the best.