Matthew Jablonski

Entrance to WVWC Campus

My artistic interests culminated into a career when I was at West Viriginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, WV, earning my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. One of the computer apps the art department introduced me to has a silkscreen print-like appearance (shown here). This app inspired me to do my Senior Thesis by creating five landscape illustrations. Its initiation has shaped me as an artist.

Wesley Chapel

The project’s origin was actually during my junior year, when I independently discovered the two art mediums’ similarities. Traditional silkscreen prints' precise ideas with the use of solid color, and even abstract design, gravitated me. I first encountered this type of artwork when I viewed historical artwork done for the Federal Art Project (1935-'43), funded by the Works Progress Administration. Its fascination determined me to replicate the centuries old medium using advanced technology. So, to promote Wesleyan, I created a poster portraying the campus’s Wesley Chapel.

Once word about my project spread, friends and school officials alike gravitated to my artistic process, reflecting the school’s values. That led to my doing my Senior Thesis, creating four more illustrations of the campus. My Senior Exhibition had lasting effects. The College’s management liked my style so much that they purchased three sets of the five images, framed them and permanently showcased around campus. Ever since, digital illustration has become my genuine, ongoing passion.

Barefoot Autumn Rendition

Barefoot Autumn

Time to Eat

Time to Eat Rendition

 Loar in the Fall Rendition

Loar in the Fall


Pathway Rendition

Matthew posing for his project at WVWC's 2011 Senior Exhibition

Matthew posing for his project at the WVWC's 2011 Senior Art Exhibition